Independence, KY

2021 Tentative Fall Calendar

Sundays 8:30pm Bible Study

Mondays 7:30 Love Defined Study

Mondays 8:45pm Worship

Tuesdays 7:00pm Story-Formed Life

Fridays 8:15am Ladies’ Pancake Breakfast


Special Events:

10/2/21 Woolfest, Navajo Box Packing, & Movie Night – On Saturday, 10/2, a group of us will be heading to the Woolfest, departing from the DHouse at 2:30pm. We plan to stay at the Woolfest until 6ish. We will then go back to the DHouse to stuff and decorate the Utah boxes. When it gets dark around 8 or so, we will plan to watch a movie outside.

10/3/21 Babysitting, Movies, and Games – On Sunday 10/3, a group of us will be heading to the Gilbert’s to babysit at 2:15pm (Nathan and Kim have a 3pm wedding.). While there, we will play games and watch movies (It is a Bengals off week).

10/8-10/21 – Backpacking in the Gorge – A group of us will be heading down to the Gorge to backpack for the weekend. We will be departing the DHouse at 5pm (Nathan will likely be heading down later that evening if anyone else needs to go late.). This is legit backpacking, not just tossing up a tent near a road. Let us know if you plan to attend. (Nathan has some spare equipment if you are lacking in that department.)

10/22-24/21 – Fall Retreat – The fall retreat will be held at Camp Northward in Falmouth (45 minute drive). We will be studying In Christ by Sinclair Ferguson. We will have dormitory style sleeping so pack twin-sized bedding. Cost will be $50 which includes lodging, food, and study materials. We will be doing a fair amount of outside activities so pack weather-responsible. More details to come but the event will start with an evening carpool from the DHouse and will end Sunday evening.

10/29/21 – DHouse Halloween Party – Our Halloween party will be on the evening of Friday 10/29. There will be a costume contest with some really outstanding prizes, lol. Plan to bring a snack to share.

10/30/21 Babysitting, Movies, and Games – On Saturday 10/30, a group of us will be heading to the Gilbert’s to babysit at 10:15am (Nathan and Kim have a noon wedding in Lexington.). While there, we will play games and watch movies.

11/6/21 – Jungle Jim’s and Homeless Bags – On the afternoon of Saturday 11/6, we will make a Jungle Jim’s trip and then head to a store to pick up items for homeless bags. We will then head back to the DHouse to pack homeless bags and consume some of our JJ findings. Younger DHouse folks (Jessalyn and up) will be encouraged to attend this event. Finals times TBD.

11/13/21 DHouse Dances – We will once again be meeting with Gordon at the YMCA on Melrose Avenue to ballroom dance. We will carpool at 2:15 and the event will start at 3pm. Dinner to follow. We ideally need an even number of guys and gals for this so there will be a sign-up sheet.

11/25/21 Turkey Bowl – As planned for last year, this will be a mixed gender flag football game, 9am at Lincoln Ridge Park.

12/4/21 Independence Christmas Walk – We are considering entering a float. Regardless of that, it is likely a group of people will be attending the event.

12/5/21 DHouse Does the Theatre – This date is in light pencil as we have to confirm ticket availability, etc. The plan is to attend the 2pm Holiday Pops concert at Music Hall and get dinner afterwards. Tickets should be approximately $25.

12/20/21 Christmas Party – We will have the DHouse Christmas Party on Worship Night, Monday 12/20. The Christmas Party will start at 7 with worship at 9.

12/21/21 Europe Dinner – Dinner for anyone who has or has plans to travel on an EF Tour. Time is TBD.

12/31/21 New Year’s Eve – Unofficial Gathering / Karleigh’s Retirement

*Cross Conference – We are not currently planning to host digitally or attend the Cross Conference in person as a group this year, although we will likely send a delegation and are open to potentially organizing a digital location.